Gulf To Lake Church Podcasts

3.11.2018 Your Life Is What You Make It – “Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want To Do”

3.11.2018 Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want To Do


3.7.2018 BIBLE STUDY – “The Making of a Leader – Nehemiah”

3.7.2018 The Making of a Leader

3.4.2018 Your Life Is What You Make It – “When Christians Disagree”

3.04.2018 When Christians Disagree

2.25.2018 Confronting Our Culture – “How Then Should We Live”

2.25.2018  How Then Should We Live

2.18.2018 Confronting Our Culture – “Escaping Materialism

2.18.2018  Escaping Materialism

2.11.2018 Confronting Our Culture – “Trivial Pursuit”

2.11.2018 – “Trivial Pursuit”

2.4.2018 Confronting Our Culture – “Outsmarting Your Smart Devices”

2.4.2018 – Outsmarting Your Smart Devices

1.28.2018 Confronting Our Culture-“Maintain Your Spiritual Strength”

1.28.2018 Maintain Your Spiritual Strength

1.21.2018 Christmas Season – What Jesus Came To Do “Jesus Came To Tell Us The Truth”

1.21.2018 Jesus Came To Tell Us The Truth

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